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My treatments are based on a holistic approach and I look at the whole person and tailor my treatments to the client�s specific needs. The reflexology treatments last for an hour and the clients would be required to remove their shoes and socks. After an initial inspection of the feet, I begin my treatments with some gentle relaxation movements to get the client use to having their feet touched. During the treatment I use different pressures and movement techniques to stimulate and relax the internal organs clearing any blockages I encounter. My treatments conclude with a relaxing foot massage.

I treat from my home and the central London school of reflexology in Covent Garden by appointment.

For your convenience I now accept PayPal. Just click the button below and select the treatment you require from the drop-down menu. When you check out please let me know your prefered date and location. If paying by PayPal I will always contact you just to confirm the details.
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Hot stone reflexology is a relaxing reflexology treatment using hot stones and crystals, the crystals are placed on the chakras on the body and the reflexology treatment is given using a combination of hot stones with varying pressure. The hot stones help the muscles and tendons relax enabling a deeper treatment. The treatment is deeply relaxing as the warmth from the stones helps tense and tired muscles to unwind.


Indian head massage dates back to around 1800bc and was developed in the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent by holy men (rishis) it is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda. The massage treats the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. The client is seated during the massage and supported by the masseur. Indian head massage is a close touch therapy and some movements will involve cradling the head by the masseur. The client will be fully clothed during the massage. Indian head massage helps relieve stress related problems including headaches, eye strain and neck and shoulder stiffness. A head massage can improve blood flow alleviate anxiety and relax your whole body.


Indulge in a relaxing neck and back massage, this is a fully clothed massage that works on the weary muscles and lymph glands from the neck to the base of the spine. Ideal for releasing tension, we start the treatment with slow relaxing effleurage strokes, followed by a variety of techniques including chopping, working of pressure points and kneading the tight muscles in the back neck and shoulders. This allows the blood to flow and warm the tired complex muscle structure leading to a state of total relaxation.